The Clever Hound LLC is happy to create the most suitable training package for you and your dog.  We offer in-home training within 30 minutes of Leesport, PA and coaching via Zoom.  Private dog sports lessons are available in Leesport, PA.

In home training sessions are available during the day on Thursdays and Fridays.  The number of sessions required will depend on your goals and your dog’s current level of training.  Most clients find that they benefit most from weekly or biweekly sessions.  Private sessions in your home includes travel time, a one hour lesson, and written followup instructions afterward.  A six lesson package is available for $500.  Single lessons are available for specific issues, but training generally requires a longer term commitment.

Distance learning is available via Zoom.  Many challenges and training goals can be accomplished with video conferencing.  Distance learning sessions are available for $60 per hour, $40 per half hour. Distance learning packages are available on request.

Considering adding a dog or puppy to your household?  The Clever Hound is happy to consult with you and to formally evaluate the dog you are considering to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Are you a PBGV or GBGV owner looking for breed specific training advice?  The Clever Hound can help with coaching sessions for household manners or dog sports, even if you are located at a distance.  Megan has more than 25 years training experience with PBGVs and has trained the only GBGV to attain advanced titles in the U.S.

Megan has extensive experience training service dogs for a variety of tasks.  Owner- trainer coaching packages are available if you would like professional assistance and guidance in training or selecting a dog for service tasks.  Please note that service dog training is a long term commitment.  Typically service dog clients attend group classes and do biweekly private lessons for 18-24 months.