Clever Dog  and Rally Classes are Now Available Online!

Our foundation program, Clever Dog, is now available as an online course! In 12 detailed lessons, you will be guided through the process of teaching important skills like, recall, leash walking, stay, body handling, and lots of fun breaks and field trips. Each lesson includes video demonstrations for each phase of training. 

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Our online Rally Novice, Advanced, and Excellent programs will take you step by step through all of the signs used in these AKC Rally classes.

Zoom Lessons

Private lessons are available on Zoom.  This format works well for basic obedience, some behavior modification, service dog skills, and dog sports like rally and scent work.  To make the most of Zoom training, you will want to use a camera angle that gives a good view of you, your dog, and the working space.  If you are working with a mobile device, a tripod is recommended.

Zoom lessons are a great option for students who are not local or for anyone who prefers to work without direct contact because of COVID concerns.

Free Online Classes

We over free Trick Dog and Canine Fitness Classes via Facebook.  These classes offer basic tutorials in a number of behaviors.  Participants will have the opportunity to post videos and earn trick dog or canine fitness titles through Do More With Your Dog.

Online Titling

Megan is happy to witness video titles for the AKC Trick Dog and Virtual Home Manners Program or any of the Do More With Your Dog Programs.